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Translation Errors

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Saturday 10 Jan 15:40
Hi guys,
I decided to make a single topic where you can put all the new translation errors ;)
I will update this every time a new typo is found!

1177 Errors1177

- "Sortex Lemons" should be "Sorbex Lemons"
- 69 should be called "Island Turtle" and not "Turtle Island"
- On the 11th parallel dimension the name is not shown (should be "Mechayame")
- On the fridge you can see objects' names only by holding your mouse on, there is still written "Unblocked"
- On Ninjutsu Mode, the text when you kill an enemy are still in French
- If you take an umbrella on the last level of a parallel dimension, the text is still in French
- "New land" should be "New Land"
- 5 Registers as "Black Magic Lam" instead of "Black Magic Lamp"
- "Ce mode coûte 1 109" is shown in French on the sandy mode
- "Jelly w ith Corn" should be changed to "Jelly with Corn"
- Joekickass says "Tuberculoz" instead of "Tuber"
- "Bon vivant" should be translated
- Better translation for 1140 ?
- "Required key" should be "Required Key"
- Isn't 1139 red wine? Ketchup? :huh:
- 1209 should be called "Can of Beer" or "Canned Beer" instead of "Can Beer"
- On the pause toolpit there is written "CRYSTAL" instead of "CRISTAL"
- It says "Fma Shuriken" instead of "Fūma Shuriken"
- The little silver mushroom should be called "Silver Mushroom" and not "Sliver Mushroom"
- "Appetizers" could be better than "Aperitives"
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Sunday 11 Jan 23:29
On Multi-Co, it says bomba...


What do you mean? :huh:

Antok Ring could possibly be Antok's Ring?
I don't know, is Antok the ring's owner? :P

In 404 b.C., the entire Arctic was covered by ice. All of it? No! An orchard, inhabited by Fruits, resists the icy power of Tuber the Sorcerer!

The cruel Tuber the Sorcerer comes back from his hiding-place, the Caverns of Hammerfest, where he has hidden for years. Thanks to his evil plan, he has kidnapped and bewitched the very last Fruits!

As you can see, Tuber is the correct English name ;)

About 1018 , in my opinion it is just a font effect caused by the "w" letter :innocent:

It appears the same way with a different strawberry item. Forget which one exactly, but I KNOW this is a mistake:

1116 = Hazelnut

These are quite plainly potato chips.

1148 says it is chestnut. I'm not a nut expert, but I thought this was a hazelnut.

Ah well.

About the hazelnut you can be right, what do you think?

So, in your opinion, is it a bottle of ketchup or red wine?
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Sunday 11 Jan 23:47
On Multi-Co, it says bomba...
It's suppose to be Bomb, not bomba. It's what happens when you press p.
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Sunday 11 Jan 23:59
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Monday 12 Jan 00:31
item1139 French equals Pétillante

Pétillante means Sparkling,

so English Translation would be

Sparkling Soda, since Soda sparkles.
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Monday 12 Jan 02:30
Sparkling Wine is champagne that doesn't come from the French city of Champagne. I'm not 100% sure what sparkling soda is, but I think wine is probably right. Even though it does look like ketchup.
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Monday 12 Jan 03:07
I say, given the family that it's in and the items that get unblocked along with's ketchup bottle.
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Monday 12 Jan 15:04
"You are in the Fallen Bobbels Den" - shouldn't it be "the Fallen Bobbels' Den"? (Or Bobbles'... don't know how it's written. The important thing is the apostrophe)
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Monday 12 Jan 15:06
And it tells you that "there are more sticks in the caverns". As far as I remember, the french version says "more of them", and I always thought it would refer to the Bobbels, not to the sticks. Makes a lot more sense (a very big cane can produce many Bobbels, but is not supposed to produce other sticks, so why should there be more of them?)
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Monday 12 Jan 15:49
I agree, referring to the Bobbles makes more sense than referring to the sticks. Oh and it is indeed "Bobbles", not "Bobbels".
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Monday 12 Jan 20:05
And Igor has to face the Armageddon-Pineapples at level 90. It's not only one
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