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About Current Vers. & Updates

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Monday 27 Oct 18:49

Hi everyone,

Yes, we finally decided to release the Parallel Dimensions and a lot more new quests. The current version you are now playing is the same as the Spanish and French versions.

Due to the new Flash plugin release (version 10), it was convenient to do this. That's why we haven't translated all the texts yet. If you speak Spanish or French and you want to help us, please contact us directly by email ( We'll be glad to receive your help even if its only for translating a few words! :)

Neverthless, we want you to know that at this time we don't plan to release any more updates on, nor the Spanish and French versions. We're only planning to change the game token distribution, but it won't change for those who have already paied and taken advantage of the current system.

Hammerfest is a great game in which we have invested a lot of time, energy and passion :).

If someday we are able to release new features, we'll be pleased to do so, but at this moment it's not possible and you shouldn't expect it.

Enjoy the game! :)

Best regards,

---- The Hammerfest Team
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